I’m running for ACRL Instruction Section Vice-chair/Chair-elect!

Awards and Recognition / Monday, March 14th, 2022

I’m delighted to announce that I’m running for Vice-chair/Chair-elect of the ACRL Instruction Section! My brief candidate statement and selected accomplishments are below.

Statement of Professional Concerns/Aspirations

As I write this statement, the ACRL Instruction Section election is 6 months away, and the person elected would not step into the chair role until 2023. I do not claim to know exactly what the Section will need two years from now, but I do commit to identifying the decisions to be made and/or problems to be solved by carefully considering the available evidence. As a librarian dedicated to evidence-based practice (EBP), I am convinced that these principles can – and should – be applied in a variety of contexts. Broadly, I hope to support the growth of EBP culture in the Instruction Section. More specifically, likely goals include: 1) ensuring that IS members find membership to be of value, 2) building the IS leadership pipeline of people from underrepresented and/or underestimated backgrounds, and 3) ensuring that the Section’s committees are focused on high-impact, worthwhile work.

Selected Accomplishments

Education. In 2016, I earned my PhD from UNC Chapel Hill, where I studied the cultural adaptation of international students to higher education in the U.S. I believe that my doctoral work made me a much stronger researcher, which in turn makes me a better academic librarian.

Service. I’m proud of my work in the Instruction Section. Under my leadership, the Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee became the Inclusive Pedagogies Committee, made major changes to the committee’s charge, and experimented with new projects. I am also excited to serve as a mentor in the IS Mentoring Program, because I love making new connections, learning from others, and supporting the growth of new (and not-so-new) librarians. 

Career. I started my current position, which is my first department head role, in February of 2020. Soon thereafter, I had to learn to manage and support my team remotely. I use a variety of tools to develop as a leader, including research, mentorship, and upward feedback. I’m pleased with my progress, but acknowledge that I have so much more to learn.