Systematic Review: International Students and Academic Libraries


Claire Wiley (Belmont University), Meggan Houlihan (New York University – Abu Dhabi), and I conducted a systematic review of the LIS literature about international students and academic libraries. Our findings will be published in College & Research Libraries in May of 2017, but the preprint is available here: Abstract This study is a systematic review of the […]

2 June 2016

Libri Article


The results of my academic integrity study have been published in Libri. Click, A. “Taking something that is not your right”: Egyptian students’ perceptions of academic integrity. Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Services, 64(2), 109-123. Abstract: This study explores the perceptions of Egyptian undergraduate students at The American University in Cairo, an American-style private university […]

29 May 2014

Evaluating Library Instruction Article


Meggan Houlihan, Coordinator of Instruction at The American University in Cairo, and I published “Teaching Literacy: Methods for Studying and Improving Library Instruction” in Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. The article is available online. Full citation: Houlihan, M., & Click, A. (2012). Teaching Literacy: Methods for Studying and Improving Library Instruction. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice,7(4), […]

12 January 2013

New Publication on Ethnographic Research in Libraries


I had the opportunity to collaborate with six authors from AMICAL institutions to conduct a study on the ways that students use the library and other learning spaces on campus. Our findings were published in the International Journal of Library Science.  The PDF of the full paper is linked here. Full citation:  Click, Amanda, et al. (2012). […]

1 January 2012