Scoping Review on Business Information Literacy Published


Houlihan, M. A., Click, A. B., & Wiley, C. W. (2020). Twenty years of business information literacy research: A scoping review. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 15(4), 124-163. Objective – This study analyzes and synthesizes the business information literacy (BIL) literature, with a focus on trends in publication type, study design, research topic, and recommendations […]

15 December 2020

Book Chapter on Evidence-Based Practice


Claire Walker Wiley, Meggan Houlihan, and I wrote a chapter for the recent ACRL publication, Reflections on practitioner research: a practical guide for information professionals. You can find our chapter here: “Evidence-based practice in LIS: the systematic review.”

8 October 2020

Article on Library Open Access Funds


Rachel Borchardt and I published an article in Evidence Based Library & Information Practice. Citation and abstract are below. Citation Click, A. B., & Borchardt, R. (2019). Library supported open access funds: criteria, impact, and viability. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 14(4), 21-37. Abstract Objective – This study analyzes scholarly publications supported by library […]

15 January 2020

Information Outlook Article


In 2018, I worked with Public Affairs Librarian, Olivia Ivey, to conduct a one-question assessment exploring how library services and spaces support our business and public affairs communities. We wrote up our findings for SLA‘s Information Outlook. You can read “Building an impact narrative” here!

16 May 2019

Library & Information Science Research Article


Recently, I published “International graduate students in the United States: Research processes and challenges” in Library and Information Science Research. If you don’t have access to this journal, let me know and I’ll be happy to share the manuscript with you. The abstract is below: International students enrolled in graduate programs in the United States struggle […]

15 August 2018

Profiles of Academic Library Services for International Students


I wrote a series of academic library profiles on library services and support for international students, published by Primary Research Group. The report profiles the efforts of 6 colleges and universities in the United States to develop library programs that specifically cater to international students, fostering information literacy and student experience and retention objectives. The […]

8 May 2018

Reference Services Review Special Issue


In 2017, Reference Services Review will publish a special issue on “Transfer Students and Students in Transition.” Meggan Houlihan, Claire Walker Wiley and I have contributed an article focused on the information literacy research in our systematic review of the LIS literature on international students. The issue will be published in February of 2017, and our […]

27 September 2016

Systematic Review: International Students and Academic Libraries


Claire Wiley (Belmont University), Meggan Houlihan (New York University – Abu Dhabi), and I conducted a systematic review of the LIS literature about international students and academic libraries. Our findings will be published in College & Research Libraries in May of 2017, but the preprint is available here: Abstract This study is a systematic review of the […]

2 June 2016

Libri Article


The results of my academic integrity study have been published in Libri. Click, A. “Taking something that is not your right”: Egyptian students’ perceptions of academic integrity. Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Services, 64(2), 109-123. Abstract: This study explores the perceptions of Egyptian undergraduate students at The American University in Cairo, an American-style private university […]

29 May 2014

Evaluating Library Instruction Article


Meggan Houlihan, Coordinator of Instruction at The American University in Cairo, and I published “Teaching Literacy: Methods for Studying and Improving Library Instruction” in Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. The article is available online. Full citation: Houlihan, M., & Click, A. (2012). Teaching Literacy: Methods for Studying and Improving Library Instruction. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice,7(4), […]

12 January 2013