SLA 2018 Poster Presentation

Presentations and Talks / Thursday, June 7th, 2018

In the spring of 2018, I conducted an assessment project to explore the impact of library support and services for American University business school students, faculty, and staff. Inspired by a project at the University of Washington, a one-question qualitative survey designed using critical incident technique asked respondents to share stories about their experiences with the library. Initially, respondents indicated whether they could think of a time that the library’s staff, services, spaces, or resources had a positive impact on their academic work. If yes, respondents were asked to describe the experience in just a few sentences. If no, they were asked to briefly comment on this as well. I will be presenting a poster, Building an Impact Narrative: Assessing Library Support for the Business School Community, sharing the preliminary findings of this project at the Special Libraries Association 2018 Conference in Baltimore. A PDF of the poster is linked below.

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